This is Elle Bee!

Me, Laura, on the left and my husband Ian on the right!

All wedding stationery that you'll find on this website have been scoped, designed, planned and created by my fair hands.

I'm an animal lover and at home we have two cats (Jackson and Lilly), plus a rabbit (Benson) - unfortunately there isn't quite enough room for anymore, otherwise I would!

Ian is my all-round helper when it comes to Elle Bee. Whether it's designing and creating this very website, managing my social media and marketing, or standing alongside me at wedding fairs, Ian is there!

Elle Bee's Story

When I was 11, I remember being sat in the garden of a family friend. She was making something for a friend of hers. I watched for what seemed like hours, painstakingly creating this little work of art. She was cross stitching the front of a card. It was a picture of a stove, with two pots on top. One of them was green with a black handle. I was so engrossed in what she was doing, she offered to teach me how to do it! And so began my journey and over the years, the cute little cross stitching packs I would be bought for birthdays and Christmas developed into mini gifts and ultimately, into cards.

What started as a very casual hobby, began to grow into something that even I never dreamed of.

Artemis - Folded.jpg

In the beginning, all I wanted to do was create little cute cards using cross stitch characters or Disney characters. But as I got older, I found that I cross stitch cards were not filling the hole they once did. I began to research paper craft, specifically card making techniques. I started off casually of course, taking a look at techniques, skills that I could teach myself. And did I make some truly terrible things right at the very beginning! Looking back, I swear my family said my creations were lovely because it was better than hearing the truth. But, I kept going. I kept learning. What started as a few hours a week surfing the web, snowballed into something that even I can’t explain. I learned how to make cards, but also hold to create them in ways I had never heard of.

And I fell in love.

Selene  - Folded Invite.jpg

I fell in love with crafting paper, designing, creating beautiful works of art for others. Over time, my skills grew and what was once a casual hobby has now turned into something that I could not live without. I turned a simple childhood hobby into what you see today.

I didn’t do it alone; I have some truly amazing people who have helped me. The website you see now is built by my husband! My Etsy store was a direct result of him having the faith in me to create beautiful things for others to enjoy. And am I glad he did. Because my card making journey, that started out as needle and thread has now evolved into my Wedding Stationery collections, my very own Worcestershire Wedding Stationery business.

I have spent years learning how to create beautiful pieces for other to enjoy and I have loved every minute of my journey.

If you'd like to get in touch, then you can email me using or by using the contact form here.