Elle Bee's cards - now for sale here!

Hi everyone!

For years now Elle Bee has been making and selling cards on external platforms such as Etsy; after long deliberation however we've now taken the step of listing all of our cards for sale here, on this very website!


A new design for 2017, this Christening card takes its inspiration from our handmade wedding invitation designs, and comes complete with the option of a keepsake box to match.


For anyone that isn't aware, Elle Bee takes a similar approach to cards as with wedding stationery. We cater for those wanting a fully-handmade approach for milestone birthdays and occasions, in addition to offering brighter, more graphical cards with our often-silly, a little bit rude and mostly tongue-in-cheek printed cards.


One of our new printed designs, a cute personalisable new baby card featuring stylised baby block typography.


So at the top of your screen you'll now find the "Cards" option where you'll then be directed to either our handmade wares, or our printed wares. No matter what you choose you'll have customisation options, different colours to choose from, and a number of personalisation options too.

We're continually trying to think up new designs for both handmade and printed styles, so watch this space as we bring new designs to the shop, ready for sale, and ready for giving to your lucky recipients!