Chalkboard wedding invitations & stationery

At Elle Bee HQ we've got a long list of ideas that over time - and when there's time! - we've been trying to tackle. And one of the designs that's been on that list for possibly the longest time has been a chalkboard wedding invitation and stationery scheme.

So without further ado, we'd love to introduce our new Shoreditch collection...

Chalkboard Wedding Invitations & Stationery

The composition of this design starts with a chalkboard effect background. The background is intentionally slightly imperfect, and has the effect of a chalkboard that has just been dusted down.

On top of this we wanted some hand-drawn floral decals and found the perfect accompaniments. Again, we didn't want something that was too perfect - we wanted it unfussy!

The Shoreditch table plan shows how all of the design elements come together, from the dusted down chalkboard effect, pretty hand-drawn decals, tyepface combination and a little splash of blush pink.

And the same can be said for the fonts we've chosen too; a pretty, informal font for names and statements, with a typewriter-style set of typography, capitalised for all information.

At this point the design was very monochromatic and whilst this is a style that we wanted to keep in the main, we also wanted to add just a dash of colour. So for the decal hearts, centre of some of the flowers and some text elements, we added a splash of blush pink.

Blush pink has been added a subtle accent, such as in the centre of the pretty hand-drawn flowers in the Save The Date wreath.

As with all of our printed collections, our invitations are available as just the invitation card on it's own, as a 2-piece bundle with RSVP, 3-piece bundle with added belly band, or as a full bundle that also includes an A6 information card.

Because of the style of the design it's only text and these small splashes of colour that can be adjusted - so if you have another light shade, such as a pastel blue, yellow or green, this would work beautifully well!


When we launched our new Kensington collection last week, we made reference to turnaround times. For those new to Elle Bee and seeing our work for the first time, our printed collections such as this one don't require the allocation of a production slot, unlike our handmade designs.

And availability for the rest of 2017 is extremely limited for handmade orders now - so if you're getting married any time between now and early 2018, our printed collections are going to be the way to go.

Coming Soon!...

Whilst we've ticked a lace design and a chalkboard design off of our to-do list, we still have others to work on - we won't ruin the surprise for when we launch these designs though, so watch this space!

And if you like our new Shoreditch collection, let us know, we'd love to hear from you!