Wedding Invitation Samples

At Elle Bee we offer a number of different types and styles of wedding invitation, from fully-handmade designs with tactile elements, to modern digitally-printed designs with a range of hand-finished options, including foiling.

No matter the style and design, all of our invitations are designed, printed and made to the same exacting standards with the same level of professional care.

Camden - Pocketfold Suite 1.jpg

Digitally Printed

Our digitally-printed designs are all offered in the following formats

• Classic Invitation Suites
• Concertinas
• Pocketfolds

As well as a number of different finishing options that include wax seals, engraved hearts and belly bands!

Aurora - Folded Invitation & Box.jpg

Handmade Samples

Our Handmade samples can be purchased in a variety of different styles and sizes.