Athena - Sample

Athena - Invitation Collection.jpg
Athena - Invitation Collection.jpg

Athena - Sample

from 3.50

For this collection the options for samples are:

6” x 6” Save The Date Card
6” x 4” Save The Date Calendar
6” x 6” Folded Day Invitation
6” x 6” Pocketfold Day Invitation
6” x 6” Flat Evening Invitation

Pricing for samples is not indicative of pricing for a full order. Please refer to the price list for this design for further details.

Please note that text is non-customisable as are colours, where examples will be sent using materials that we have in stock and may or may not match the scheme used in the pictured example(s).

Should you wish to place a full order following receipt of your sample, you will be able to choose your own custom scheme and text.

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