Classical matrimonial typography is combined with a gorgeous watercolour wreath, making our Oxford collection the perfect choice for a classically-styled winter or Christmas wedding.

Invitations are available either as individual cards for day and evening guests, as a pocketfold suite, or a traditional suite.

Our invitations come also come with beautiful finishing options such as vellum jackets, wax seals, belly bands and ribbon.

Day Invitation Suite

Our invitation suites use an invitation card which is printed double-sided with the option of adding an RSVP and two sizes of information cards.

These can either be provided loose and as-is, or bound, with a paper belly band.

The suite can then even be finished with an elegant vellum jacket which is then fastened shut with a hand-pressed wax seal, or tied with beautiful ribbon.

Day Pocketfold Suite

Our pocketfolds come in an array of different colours, offering a classical and elegant suite option.

The standard suite comes with the pocketfold, mounted invitation panel and small RSVP card, with the option of adding one or both of our information cards. All inserts are provided double-sided as standard.

The pocketfold can be provided as is or bound in either a paper belly band or tied shut with beautiful ribbon.

Standalone Invitation

The invitation card as a standalone option is ideal for evening guests to compliment your day suite.

Printed double-sided as standard, the crucial information - the where, when, who - is on the front, with any additional information typically reserved for information cards on the reverse, such as accommodation information, taxis, timings and gift poems.

The invitation card on its own will also work for a simpler weddings and those where couples have a wedding website for details or where RSVP’ing will be done via email, phone or online.


  • Invitation Card - £1.25

  • Invitation Card with RSVP - £1.50

  • Invitation Card, RSVP Card and Large Info Card - £1.75

  • Invitation Card, RSVP Card, Large & Small Info Cards - £2.00

  • Paper Belly Band - £0.65

  • Vellum Jacket with Wax Seal - £1.25

  • Ribbon Tie - £1.00

  • Pocketfold Invite with RSVP - £2.75

  • Pocketfold Invite with RSVP and Large Info Card - £2.95

  • Pocketfold Invite with RSVP, Large & Small Info Cards - £3.15

  • Paper Belly Band - £0.65

  • Ribbon Tie - £1.00


Envelopes provided as standard with invitations and RSVP cards.

Additional Printing Options

We also offer some additional printing options to make things even easier for you and / or your guests.

  • Guest Name Printing on Invitations - £0.25 each

  • RSVP Envelope Address Printing - £0.20 each

  • Invitation Envelope Address Printing - £0.50 each


Our Invitations are professionally printed on a choice of three exceptional cardstock finishes using a professional grade laser printing system. Text, accents, borders and paper belly bands are all colour customisable, as is the wording used.

  • Day or Evening Invitation Card - 5” x 7”

  • Pocketfold - 130mm x 130mm

  • RSVP Card - A6 (with suite), 85mm x 105mm (with pocketfold)

  • Small Information Card - 105mm x 105mm

  • Large Information Card - 125mm x 105mm

  • High-quality white envelopes supplied

  • Custom Printing options available: Guest Name Printing, RSVP Envelope Addressing, Invitation Envelope Addressing

  • Choice of paper belly band

    • and / or Vellum Jacket and Wax Seal, with a choice of nearly 10 wax colours across 4 styles

  • Choice of ribbon tie in 100+ colours

  • Choice of 70+ pocketfold colours

  • Choice of 60+ colours for printing

  • Minimum quantity of 10 applies

Click on the buttons below to see all of the customisable options (all links open in a new window).


All of our Invitations include a proofing process where pdf files are created and sent by email for review; this proofing process includes colouring in addition to wording. Two further rounds are included as standard.

  • Electronic proofing process via email

  • First round of proofs sent within 48 hours of your order being placed

  • Standard printing turnaround: 1 week

  • Shipping: Via Courier (48 hours)

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