A guide to Foil Wedding Invitations


We started offering Hot Foil Pressed Save the Dates, Invitations and Stationery in Autumn 2021, using our in-house press "Florence" (or Flo). Hot Foil uses an old-fashioned technique with modern machinery. Card stock is placed onto a flat bed, and a metal design, or "die", is then heated to around 100 degrees and pressed into the card stock, with a thin sheet of foil sandwiched in between. This foil is heated when the die is pressed into the card stock, heating the adhesive on the back and allowing the foil to adhere to the card stock, creating a stunning foil-debossed image. Due to the manual nature of this technique, every invitation is stamped differently, making it a very unique finish. In order to use the machine, a metal die is created with the design or wording on to foil. These dies are not included in the price of the invitation, and are a separate cost, generally getting more expensive the larger the "area" to be foiled.


The plates, or “dies” that are used to create the foiled impression are made to order, and typically will not be ordered until we have received the sign off on your proofs. The plates are machine made from Magnesium and typically have a 2-3 working day turn around from when we order them, to when they are delivered. They are made ready to go the minute we receive them. Some plates can be used across your entire Stationery order; for instance - some designs have the same size artwork on the Save the Dates, as the invitations and so we can use the same plate for both.

Plates are recycled after the order is completed, if not required for future items.


Due to the unique nature and manual process that is required to create foiled item, foiling can only be used for certain applications and certain designs.

Foiling is great for

  • Save the Dates
  • Invitation Suites
  • Pocketfold Invitations
  • Arch and Half Arch Invitations
  • Evening Invitations (not double sided)
  • Inserts
  • Menu Cards
  • Table Numbers (only in certain scenarios- contact us for more information)
  • Thank You Cards

It is not suitable for:

  • Trifold Invitations
  • Concertina Invitations
  • Place cards
  • Any signage
  • Order of Service
  • Guest Books

Nor do we offer:

  • Full coverage foiling (where all wording on an item is foiled)
  • Thin or Script text foiling
  • Thin line-based Artwork foiling

Foiling is a tricky process and foil reacts differently to different colours and makes of card stock. It can also be expensive if used for “variable data” such as guest names, different table names/numbers etc. We recommend the above applications to give the cleanest print possible.

Lead Times

Production time, including proofing for foiled Save the Dates, Invitations or Stationery are approximately a minimum of 6 weeks. Please bear this in mind.

Foiled items are not suitable for short notice orders.


As Hot Foil plates are recycled once an order is completed, we strongly recommend that couples over order on their invitations by 10-15 as a minimum. We have a minimum order of 20 invitations on every style and if further invitations are required after the order is completed, another plate will need to be ordered as well (if the plate was no longer required) so it can be cost-prohibitive to request further copies.

Sample Pack

A sample pack can be purchased directly from our store. As plates need to be made for every area to be foiled, a sample pack is not design specific but will include several examples of foiling, that may or may not match the design that you are interested in. This is standard practice for most foiling companies; we do not offer design-specific samples, and we will not refund any sample order where the assumption was made that the sample would be design-specific.

The pack will contain:

  • 1 Save the Date sample, with foil (generic design)
  • 1 Invitation Card sample, with foil (generic design)
  • 1 RSVP Card Sample, with foil (generic design)
  • 1 Arched Menu Sample, with foil (generic design)
  • 1 Foil Swatch of all foil colours
  • 1 Card stock swatch of all colours we foil on

You are also able to purchase in addition to this:

  • 1 Card stock swatch of our other colours used for the accessories
  • 1-3 Wax Seal colour cards

Please visit our Hot Foil Invites & Stationery Section on our website to purchase a sample pack which can be found here:


Foil Colours

We offer standard foiling in the following 4 colours;

  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper

Cardstock Colours

Foil reacts differently to different coloured card stock, primarily due to the type of colour pigment used in the card stock. As a result certain coloured card stocks take better to being foiled than others. For us we found the best results from these colours which can be foiled using any of our 4 foils, and can be printed on in either Black or White ink.

  • Pristine White
  • Nude
  • Mist
  • Cobalt
  • Smoke

How to Order

Each design listing allows you to configure an order using our drop down menus. All choices available to you are shown in these menus, and pay close attention to any text associate with each drop down as these will contain useful information to help you with your choices. 

The Process once ordered

After placing an order, the process is the same as any other stationery in our store. As no two orders are the same and we operate a first-come, first-served system, time-scales can be variable as there are a number of factors to consider.

One is the complexity / size of the order and / or the number of handmade components (wax seals, coloured envelopes) included with your order, as well as the time to foil your items.

We recommend with foiled items, the following steps before placing an order

  • Order a sample pack
  • Request a Consultation for any questions or design queries
  • Finalise order details
  • Place Order via the listing

The delivery of your order is broken up into the following sections:

Materials // Proofing // Engraving / / Production

Once you have placed an order via the website and choices will be logged so that we can place the materials required for your order on our weekly stock ordering cycle; this typically takes a week to reach us from our supplier. Stock orders are placed every Sunday, with the cut off being the Friday before. Therefore you have until 5pm on Friday to inform us of any changes to your order (cardstock, quantities, items included). After this cut off, any changes will be chargeable.

Following that, we will make a request for your details so we can begin proofing, which is the process where we create your invitations in digital form for you to review. Up to three rounds are included and it’s important to remember that all wording and content is fully-adjustable. The initial proofing round will take 5 working days, all other proofing rounds will take up to three business days to be sent back to you. Therefore, if we receive responses immediately and all three rounds are used, this part of the process will take up to 11 business days but this naturally doesn’t include the time it takes for us to receive responses from couples. When we have approval to proceed, we request a formal sign-off via our website; this then allows us to move forward to engraving your plate and production which can take up to 21 working days for us to dispatch foiled items. Invitation orders are sent tracked, typically with a 2-day turnaround.


When it comes to assembling suites, Pocketfolds and Arch Suites, we mainly leave this to couples to do so the amount of assembly required will depend on the composition of your order.

In short, we will:

  • Ensure all pieces are cut to correct sizes
  • Foil all elements as requested
  • Assemble and glue any coloured envelopes
  • Assemble any half arched wallets/Pocketfolds
  • Mounting of Invitation panel in Pocketfolds
  • Make wax seals and add a self-adhesive backing ready for them to be used

With these aspects being covered by couples:

  • Folding and sticking of belly bands
  • Adhering wax seals to envelopes/Vellum jackets or pocketfolds
  • Attachment of name tags with tear-drop clip
  •  Adhering of liners to envelopes


There is a lot of information regarding invitations to take in, if you need anything clarified then please contact us. Do not assume anything when ordering your invites, if something is not categorically clear, please ask. 

01905 28 997