A Guide to Invitations

With invitations it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin and we offer a versatile collection of options ourselves. In these guides we'll take you through each of the separate styles, how they work, what the options are and things you may need to consider when inviting guests to your big day.


How to Order

We have a number of different ways to order your invitations and stationery, from configuring on this website, to consulting with us in advance.

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The Proofing Process

In this guide we'll take you through what the proofing process is, how it works, and why it's important.

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Current Lead Times

The lead times for invitations and stationery can vary dependent upon our order book and the length of the proofing process required for each order. We update these averages regularly.

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Wording and Etiquette

Whilst we're always keen to stress that the way you word your invitations is entirely personal and customisable, it's often the case that you'll want some examples to set you on your way. So whether it's a formal or informal occasion, or whether you're stuck with how to ask for gifts or no children at your wedding, this guide will cover everything to get you started.

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We've put together some FAQs posed to us by couples; you may well have a question that's answered here.

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