A Guide to Trifold Invitations


A similar concept to our concertina invitations, our trifolds are a lovely, compact, folded invitation option. There's a little more space for information by default than with our concertinas. 


The trifold is printed double-sided. In this structure, the trifold is laid out with the decoration on the outside, and the invitation, plus two panels for additional details and RSVP on the inside. Think of the trifold like an invitation suite but all-in-one.

If you wanted the RSVP to be returnable in the post, we can add a dotted line with instructions for guests to manually detach.

All wording is entirely customisable so the tone can be appropriately set, and what you need to say is clearly presented. Colour can be customised depending on design - please ask us at the time of proofing regarding colour choices/changes and we will be able to advise you accordingly.  



When it comes to the printing of the trifold, we will print in either "Modern Matt White" or "Luxe White". Both have the same weight of 350gsm and are lovely, high-quality options.

Other colours can be provided upon request.

Designs that include watercolour artwork can only be printed on pale colours. 


We include a white or rustic kraft envelope included in the cost. These are high-quality envelopes. 

However with the envelope being the first thing your guests see, you do have the option of upgrading envelopes to one of our luxury handmade coloured options which may better match or compliment the colouring of your wedding day. 

The colours available are the same as our cardstock selection, shown here, making it easy to colour coordinate elements together.


White and kraft envelopes are diamond-flapped and are traditionally gummed ready for use. Our handmade coloured envelopes are straight-flapped and require the use of a wax seal, envelope sticker or self-adhesive tape pen to seal. 


Addressing options offer both form and function and come in two forms; guest names added to invitations and / or invitation envelopes addressed. 

When it comes to wording your invitations, this can be done in one of three ways – they can be worded ambiguously (“You are cordially invited to join us…”), a line can be added for you to hand-write, or we can print guest names for you. 

Adding guest names can be useful if you’re opting for an adult-only wedding day, as it’s explicitly clear who is – and isn’t! – invited. 

Invitation envelope addressing is an elegant finish and will save you a ton of time in addressing each of the envelopes individually. If you opt for a luxury handmade envelope we can also add a traditional return address to the flap on the reverse. 

And as we can print in white ink, there isn’t a colour envelope that we can’t address for you. We also don’t use mail merge, so each envelope is personalised “by hand” to ensure the layout is perfect for every guest.



Trifold invitations are perfectly usable as they come, and they’re quite a quirky invitation style on their own. However they can be accessorised.

You can opt for a transparent vellum jacket which is then closed with a wax seal or choose to tie the trifold closed with 7mm double-sided satin ribbon or twine, with the ribbon coming in one of 16 colours.


Our wax seals are made entirely in-house and are available in an array of colours, with the choice of our standard house design selection, a monogram of your initials, or something entirely custom. Use them for the vellum jackets only, or add them traditionally to your invitation envelopes.



Envelope stickers can also be added as a cost-effective final touch for your outer envelopes and these will match your chosen invitation design. 

We also offer a self-adhesive tape pen to make it easy to stick envelope liners and handmade envelopes.



It’s often the case that some of your guests will be invited to your reception rather than all-day. We have a separate section on the website for you to order evening invitations which can be simple 5" x 7" cards, or include accessories and upgrades like your day suite.



We built this website with transparency in mind. All of the items and options described in this guide can be chosen by selecting the appropriate option(s) from the dropdown menu(s) on the product page. 

When you do this, the pricing for your order automatically updates so you can see the impact your choices are having upon the total, allowing you to control your budget by selecting appropriately. 

At this stage wording isn’t covered or requested, we’ll do this after your order is placed – we don’t run a booking / deposit system; as soon as the order is placed we’ll get to work.



As no two orders are the same and we operate a first-come, first-served system, timescales can be variable as there are a number of factors to consider. 

One is the complexity / size of the order and / or the number of handmade components (wax seals, coloured envelopes) included with your order. 

However the delivery of your order is broken up into the following sections:

Materials // Proofing // Production

When an order is placed we place the materials required for your order on our weekly stock ordering cycle; this typically takes a week to reach us from our supplier. 

Within 48 hours of your order being placed we will make a request for your details so we can begin proofing; which is the process where we create your invitations in digital form for you to review. Up to three rounds are included. 

The initial proofing round will be sent back to you within 5 business days of receipt of your details. If the subsequent proofing rounds are needed then responses for these rounds are sent back within 3 business days each.

Therefore if we receive responses immediately and all three rounds are used, this part of the process will take up to a maximum of 11 business days but this naturally doesn’t include the time it takes for us to receive responses from couples. 

When we have approval to proceed we request a formal sign-off via our website; this then allows us to move forward to production which can take up to 14 days for us to dispatch. 

Invitation orders are sent tracked, typically with a 2-day turnaround.



When it comes to assembling trifold invitations, we mainly leave this to couples to do so the amount of assembly required will depend on the composition of your order.


In short, we will: 

Ensure all pieces are cut to correct sizes
Ribbon or twine pre-cut to appropriate length
Assemble and glue any coloured envelopes
Make wax seals and add a self-adhesive backing ready for them to be used

With these aspects being covered by couples:

Folding of trifolds; these are provided flat for safe transport
Folding vellum jackets
Adhering wax seals to envelopes or vellum jackets
Adhering envelope liners


We provide the option of adding a self-adhesive tape pen to your order as you’ll need an adhesive option to secure vellum jackets and envelope liners. This can also be useful for luxury handmade coloured envelopes, as these are provided with a straight flap which isn’t gummed.


    Any questions?

    We realise there's a lot of choice and that sometimes we've not managed to cater for everyone. So if you want to check whether something you want to do is achievable, or simply have questions about how best to put your order together, please don't hesitate to contact us.