A Guide to Wedding Day Stationery


So your invitations are out and the big day is approaching, so now it's time to tackle stationery for the day itself. For us, wedding day stationery is essentially split up into:

  • Large signage (seating plans, welcome signs, order of the day)
  • Table stationery (table numbers, place cards, menus)
  • Order of service
  • Evening reception stationery (small signage, guestbook)
  • Thank You Cards

We'll cover off the larger signage first.



If you're having a sit-down meal, the likelihood is that you'll need a seating plan. All of our designs have a matching seating plan design available, with flexible layouts dependent upon the number of tables and guests.

Table plans are printed on a 5mm foamex base, making them sturdy but lightweight, and waterproof, so perfect for outdoor use too. They come in two sizes, which is either A2, or A1.

The size you choose will be dependent upon a few different factors. One will be the size of your wedding and the number of tables you have. Typically we'll suggest that we can fit up to eight tables plus the top table onto an A2 seating plan, with anything above that needing an A1 version.

However you might want to consider the size of your room. A1 can feel like a large size if you're in your living room, but in your venue an A2 version may look a little small.

In all cases we'll scale things appropriately based on the size you choose, the number of your guests and tables, and the design you've chosen. If you're looking to match the layout of your venue too, we can try and coordinate the layout as appropriate.

Custom names for tables are permitted, however when naming your tables give a little consideration to the length of each table name. Eyes are naturally drawn to discrepancies when the intention is symmetry, so try and keep them close in length if at all possible.

It's typical that guest names will be written as first name / surname, with guests on the top table having just their first name shown (or alternatively, their role, such as "Mother of the Groom", "Best Man", "Groom", "Bride" and so on).



Using the same 5mm foamex, we also provide each of our designs with the option of a welcome sign to greet your guests, either for the ceremony itself, or for the evening reception.


Our 5mm foamex boards can be printed double-sided. This is a great cost-saving measure, as it means you can spend a little less to have, for example, both a seating plan and welcome sign printed on the same item.

Show the "welcome" when guests arrive, then use the same board and turn it around for your wedding breakfast, then turn it back around again to greet your evening guests as they arrive.

One of the other double-sided printing options is for an order of the day timeline, so guests know what's happening when - especially useful so they don't dash off whilst the cake is being cut, or for the first dance.



Custom options available for our boards - which you'll need to message us about - are:

  • Inclusion of holes in the corners for hanging from a stand
  • Custom sizing with pricing available upon request

If you need either of these options, please contact us. And remember for any of our A2 / A1 boards, we don't supply the easel so you'll need one of your own - but your venue should have one!



Next we'll cover table stationery in the form of place cards, menus and table numbers.

The first aspect to cover off is that the same cardstock selection with invitations is available for table stationery. So if there's a particular colour scheme you'd like to opt for, we'll be able to blend in through the use of coloured cardstock, including white ink printing for dark shades.

Place cards come in two formats. The most popular is a tent-fold option, which stands up on it's own. The overall size is 85mm wide by 100mm tall, so 85mm x 50mm when folded.

This option also includes the ability to add guest's menu choices to the reverse, which can help catering run smoothly on the day by delivering the right meals to the right guests, whilst also ensuring any allergies or dietary requirements are catered for.

If you have your own stand or holder then you could opt for a flat card, which is 90mm wide by 70mm tall. These are offered single-sided only.

Our menus are intended to be used on a per-guest basis, with each guest having their own menu at their place setting.

The most popular option for a menu is a traditional DL-sized (95mm x 210mm) card, which typically allows enough space for the vast majority of wedding breakfast menus.

Alternatively, and for a bit more space, you can opt for a 5" x 7" card instead.

Personalising menus has multiple benefits. One of them is that if you're looking to control costs of your day stationery, then you can do this by removing traditional place cards and just having a menu instead.

If you've provided your guests with menu choices when inviting them, you may want their menu to be bespoke to them and their choices. We'll include that for you in the fee charged for personalisation.

Whether you personalise menus or not, we will include variations in the total at no additional charge. So for example, if you have 100 menu cards but know you have 80 meat menus, 15 veggies and 5 vegans, just order 100 menu cards and we'll create the variations for you.


Table number or name cards are very straightforward; these are offered in a 5" x 7" size. Much like with the table plans, you can opt for numerals (1, 2, 3), numbers written out (One, Two, Three) or your own custom names.


Whether you're opting for a religious ceremony or something more informal, we provide matching order of service options.

These booklets are available as 4-sided, 8-sided, or 12-sided. The 8-sided and 12-sided version has a 350gsm white cardstock cover, with 170gsm paper pages inside. The 4-sided version is just the 350gsm cardstock.

An order of service is a very personal stationery item and they differ so much from couple to couple. We typically suggest that each side will take up to 400 words.

With this in mind we do typically recommend that couples send their content through to us before ordering, so we can assess the number of pages required.

We can use both inside covers and the back cover too, however we will always try - on the 8-sided and 12-sided versions - to get content to fit on the paper pages.



For the evening party you may want some additional smaller signage. We offer multiple different types of smaller signage, such as toiletries for ladies and gents, the ceremony being unplugged, and so on.

The examples that we show on the site match our "King's Road" design, however if you are ordering other stationery items from another design, we will match this up for you.

The signs are available in either A5 or A4 signs, making them perfect to pop in your own frames on the day.

And if you have a custom sign requirement, just contact us and we'll be able to create this in the same style.

And when it comes to guestbooks, we now make these entirely in-house using our new binding machine!

These are 20cm x 20cm, have hard front and back covers, and feature 20, 30 or 40 high-quality pages inside.



Lastly, and when the day is done, we offer thank you cards for thanking your guests.

These cards are A6 in size and are either flat, or folded like a traditional greetings card. We print on the outside only, and offer a number of the same accessories and options as with invitations, such as:

  • Coloured cardstock
  • Coloured envelope
  • Envelope addressing
  • Self-adhesive wax seals or envelope stickers



We built this website with transparency in mind. All of the items and options described in this guide can be chosen by selecting the appropriate option(s) from the dropdown menu(s) on each product page. 

When you do this, the pricing for your order automatically updates so you can see the impact your choices are having upon the total, allowing you to control your budget by selecting appropriately. 

At this stage wording isn’t covered or requested, we’ll do this after your order is placed including any templates we need to be completed for guest details – we don’t run a booking / deposit system; as soon as the order is placed we’ll get to work.



As no two orders are the same and we operate a first-come, first-served system, timescales can be variable as there are a number of factors to consider. 

One is the complexity / size of the order and / or the amount of personalisation required. We would recommend placing a day stationery order with no less than six weeks before the big day.

However the delivery of your order is broken up into the following sections:

Materials // Proofing // Production

When an order is placed we place the materials required for your order (if required) on our weekly stock ordering cycle; this typically takes a week to reach us from our supplier. 

Within 48 hours of your order being placed we will make a request for your details so we can begin proofing; which is the process where we create your stationery in digital form for you to review. If you're ordering a seating plan, or personalised menus, this will include a template with guest information. Up to three rounds are included.

The initial round will be sent back to you within five business days of receipt. For subsequent rounds this will be within three business days. Therefore if we receive responses immediately and all three rounds are used, this part of the process will take up to eleven business days but this naturally doesn’t include the time it takes for us to receive responses from couples. 

When we have approval to proceed we request a formal sign-off via our website; this then allows us to move forward to production.

Both A2 / A1 boards and 4-12 sided order of service booklets are fulfilled by a printing partner, so these will come to you directly via courier within 3 business days. If you've also ordered smaller items (place cards, menus, table numbers, etc) then these are printed by us in-house, so will be dispatched to you separately.


Any questions?

We realise there's a lot of choice and that sometimes we've not managed to cater for everyone. So if you want to check whether something you want to do is achievable, or simply have questions about how best to put your order together, please don't hesitate to contact us.