Current Lead Times

Here are the current average lead times between point of ordering and dispatch for all of our different product types. For full invitation and stationery orders this lead time incorporates the entirety of the proofing process too.

 Item Type Lead Time Goal
Digitally-Printed Wedding Invitation Samples 2 days 3-5 days
Handmade Wedding Invitation Samples 4 days 5-7 days
Save the Dates 14 days 2-3 weeks
Invitations 23 days 3-4 weeks
Day Stationery 15 days 3-4 weeks
Handmade Cards 10 days 1-2 weeks
Digitally-Printed Cards 2 days 3 days


Please note that these relate to the last two months' of orders and, due to the requirement of a booking system, fully-handmade invitations and stationery aren't included.

Last updated: 8th December 2019