Current Lead Times

The lead times for our items can vary due to a mixture of factors, from complexity of orders - which may use a mixture of stock materials and those that require a special order - and our current order book.

However below are the average lead times for product types and, for save the dates, invitations and stationery, this incorporates the time it takes to complete the proofing and design process.

The timescales below reference the time from point of ordering to us dispatching, so does not include delivery:

 Item Type Goal
Digitally-Printed Wedding Invitation Samples * 2-3 days
Handmade Wedding Invitation Samples * 3-4 days
Save the Dates 1-2 weeks
Invitations 2-3 weeks
Day Stationery 2-3 weeks
Handmade Cards 1-2 weeks
Digitally-Printed Cards 1-2 days


* in the event of ordering samples with custom swatches, these timescales can be extended.