Proofing Request - Invitation Suite

Thanks for placing your order with us for your wedding invitations; we're looking forward to working with you!

Now that you've placed your order with us we'll be ordering all materials on our next weekly stock cycle - this takes place every Sunday evening.

But for now the focus is on arranging the proofing for your invitations.

There are up to three proofing rounds included with the order including the initial draft, so plenty of scope to make adjustments and correct errors as we go. The process ends with a formal sign-off via our website which then allows us to move forward to production for you.

We are human, so we do suggest scrutinising any proofs received very carefully and, if possible, getting a second set of eyes to make sure everything is accurate.

The details we need to start proofing are included below. All should be relatively straightforward, however if you do have any questions at all or require any guidance then please don't hesitate to ask.