Luxury Foil "Merry and Bright" Christmas Card

Luxury Foil "Merry and Bright" Christmas Card

Size: 148mm x 148mm | 5.8" x 5.8" 

Colour Choices: White with Gold Foil | Nude with Rose Gold Foil | Natural with Silver Foil

Inside: Blank

Materials: 350gsm Double sided Cardstock (colour is both on outside and inside the card), foil embossing

Envelope: Kraft

Dispatch Time: 1-2 days


Colour Choices

Because foil press cards are suitable for many coloured cardstocks, we offer three popular colour choices:

  • White with Gold foil
  • Nude with Rose Gold Foil
  • Natural with Silver Foil

Our cardstock is double sided, which means the cardstock colour is both on the front and the inside of the card.

A note on Foil Press Cards...

Our Foil press cards are a stunningly visual type of card, that are hand pressed in our studio in Worcester. Each card is pressed by hand using an old technique called Hot Foil Printing.

We use "Florence", our modern-day equivalent, whose method and machinery are the same as those used since the late 1800's, only with a modern twist. She creates over 40lb of pressure per manual press. Metal dies are super heated on the metal plate, that is then pressed into the foil and onto the cardstock, creating a wonderful foil impression. 

For this reason it is normal to see "shadow" impressions of this print on the inside left of the card. This is not considered a fault and is in fact part of the manufacturing process, and may only be visible in a handful of cases. 

  • £3.95