"Throw Me" or Personalised Confetti Pouches

  • £1.40

Our new confetti pouches are filled with biodegradable Delphinium petals which are perfect for that confetti shot, without upsetting your venue and being good for the environment!  

The pouches are approximately 8cm x 10cm and contain one handful throw. As a guide we say you should order enough for at least half your guests, however it is down to personal preference on how many guests you’d like to throw.

We have 21 colours of confetti to choose from and you can opt for either a "throw me" sticker, or a sticker with your own initials or names on. 

You can also opt for us to send you the pouches completely made up ready to go or if you wanted to get a little hands-on we can send you everything you need to make them yourself! 

Please note; whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of the colour for our confetti, this will vary from batch to batch. Please also be aware that during peak season (April - September) popular colours will become out of stock quickly. Confetti can last for up to 3 months if kept in a cool, dry place with minimal light and so it is recommended you order way in advance if your wedding is taking place during peak season.