Can I order a sample?

With our handmade collections you certainly can. Each of these collections has a dedicated page which, at the bottom, has a product so that you can purchase a sample in that chosen collection. We would certainly recommend this so that you can get a real sense of the level of detail and quality involved.

For our printed collections we offer samples for invitation suites only; comprising double-sided invitation, RSVP and information cards, bound together with a paper belly band.

We offer completely free digital mock-ups of any of our printed stationery. So if you want to see an item in a particular colour scheme that isn't pictured or offered in a sample format, just let us know and we'll mock it up for free for you.

How do I order my invitations from you?

Our printed, foiled and budget collections are able to be fully ordered through this website. The only exception to this rule is if you have a quantity requirement that isn't covered by our online store and, if so, we will arrange a quote and take the payment "offline".

Our handmade collections are processed entirely "offline" by PayPal or Bank Transfer. As there are so many variables with handmade items, we operate on a quotation and deposit basis, with deposits securing a production slot for your stationery to be handmade.

Should I order everything together?

Not at all. Your wedding day stationery requirements are going to be different from your invitation requirements and are going to be dependent upon the number of attendees that confirm that they'll attend. And of course if you're opting for place names you will not have these names confirmed until nearer the time.

This also enables you to budget effectively, as you won't need to pay up-front for everything all at once.

How many invitations should I order?

We would usually recommend that you allow for roughly 10% over the number of invitations you actually need, as you never know what changes you'll need to make to your guest list, or getting a name wrong by mistake if you're writing your guest names yourself.

If you need more invites at short notice, as long as the design is the same as previously, these will be charged at the same price.

What about the Order of Service, how many of these do I need?

Normally it'd be appropriate for every guest to have an order of service. However if budget constraints mean that two people have to share a single order of service, this should be absolutely fine.

What wording should I use for my invitations?

We have guides on the site here that cover wording for invitations which should be helpful if you're looking for formal ideas on how to present your invitations. Of course you can have whatever you like as long as the text fits on the invite! And if you need guidance from us, we will of course get you on the right track when we discuss this with you in person.

Should I send an RSVP and Information Card?

We would usually recommend this as it's relatively inexpensive to add and makes your guests lives that much easier - if all they have to do is pop a tick in a box and put the slip in an envelope that's already provided, then you're much more likely to get a quicker - and consistent - response.

The same can be said for information cards. Perhaps your wedding is a little out of the way for some, or all of your guests, an information card that covers information about the area can be a really appreciated touch and can be used alongside RSVP cards perfectly.

Can you create something just for me?

Unfortunately we are not currently taking any from-scratch commissions due to the amount of orders we have at any given time. This may change in the future, however with so many designs across both of our handmade and printed collections and these collections being very customisable, there should be something for everyone!

I really like one of your ranges but my budget won't stretch, can anything be done?

This question can sometimes come up when discussing our handmade ranges that use embellishments. If you like one of the collections but want to go embellishment-less (for example if you want something really luxury for your day guests, but something simpler for your evening guests), then just contact us and we can arrange a customised quotation for you.

With our printed collections we have multiple invitation options to cater for all budgets. We have bundles for those that want to push the boat out but also have simple flat invitation cards with the same designs for much cheaper.

Do I need to assemble any of the stationery myself?

No. All items come assembled and / or folded as appropriate, so that they are ready to go straight away.

Why send Save the Dates?

Save The Date cards can be especially useful if a wedding is being planned overseas, as it then enables guests to arrange travel plans and alike. But Save The Date cards can be useful anyway, as especially around typically seasonal times (summer with the kids on holiday, Christmas, Easter), diaries can get congested and plans forgotten.

A Save The Date card sent anywhere up to a year in advance and then followed with a formal invitation will make sure that your guests are not going to be surprised.

When should I send my Invitations?

You should really be leaving at very least eight weeks before your wedding day. But in our experience most couples like having their invitations with lots of time to spare. After the big day has passed and you want to send Thank You cards, it's generally accepted to send these between 1-3 months after the wedding.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please follow the following link: Terms & Conditions

Do you include envelopes with Invitations?

Yes. For all items that require an envelope - so an invitation, save the date card, or thank you card, an envelope to enable sending on to your guest(s) will be provided. If opting for an RSVP card in a compatible invite, a small envelope will be provided to accompany it, enabling your guest(s) to use what's provided to send back their response to you.

How should I care for my stationery once I receive it?

All handmade stationery is put together using the thickest cardstock and strongest glue possible. Some items are too delicate to use a thick glue with, so will use a layer of adhesive to bond the items together.

This adhesive is strong but will dry out in a hot environment; so we'd recommend that you store your stationery somewhere dry and cool until you need it.

Being handmade and using embellishments, handmade stationery is delicate so we'd recommend that you handle the items with care and keep away from little fingers if at all possible! Because items can have small parts - gems, pearls, embellishments, etc - these items are therefore not very suitable for kids.

Handmade table plans also need a decent amount of TLC. We ship table plans wrapped in bubble wrap with protective corners added - we'd recommend laying this flat, somewhere safe, until the day itself and when the day comes, make sure your venue doesn't tighten the easel too much as the mountboard could bend!

If you have a question that isn't answered above please contact us either by filling out our contact form here or by emailing us directly at, we'd love to hear from you.