We're tying the knot and we just can't wait.
We knew it would happen on our very first date.
As we've got our home dressed up with accessories,
We don't really think that a wedding gift list is necessary.
But if you did want to give something to help us on our way,
Some money in a card would truly make our day!

We’ve lived together for quite a while,
With all our pots and pans,
And as we don’t need homely gifts,
We have another plan!
We know it’s not traditional,
But it’s easier that’s for sure,
To have no wedding list at all,
Your attendance means much more!
For those of you who do insist,
We have a savings pot,
A small gift to add to this,
Would really mean a lot!

We know it’s not traditional
And it’s not the way it’s done
But rather than a wedding list
We’d love a bit of sun!

So if you’d like to give a gift
And send us on our way
A donation to our honeymoon
Would really make our day!

Then while we’re relaxing
On the beach or by the pool
We’ll sit back and know
That it is truly thanks to you!

We do not have a gift list
Our house is set with nothing missed
We’d like to go on honeymoon
A place for us as bride and groom
We’re asking for a cash donation
To send us to our dream location

We made a commitment, some time ago,
Together through life, we were destined to go.
To save you looking, shopping and buying,
Here is an idea, we hope you’ll like trying!
Come to our wedding, to wish us both well,
And please make a donation to our wishing well.

Now we are to be Mr & Mrs
We don’t need a wedding list of dishes
We have two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves
And we have dreams for which we have to save.
If you would like to give us a gift
A cheque or vouchers would give us a lift
We like to think of it as our ‘Wishing Well’
Which will be filled with your love, we can tell!

We haven’t got a gift list for all of you to see,
because as you all know we never can agree!
But if you’d like to help us start our married life,
cash or high street vouchers, would save a lot of strife!

We’ve just moved home and have filled it with stuff,
From books to sofas, we’ve certainly got enough!
Instead of more wine glasses, we’d really love some cash,
So that we can book a perfect honeymoon and head off in a dash.
A romantic beach break would really do the trick,
As soon as we can afford it, we’ll be on that plane quick!

As we’re getting married we thought it would be fun,
To move into a brand new home — we need to get it done.
As wedding gifts are bulky and we’re a little short on space,
Some money would be the ideal gift to help us buy our place!

We’ll soon be saying ‘I Do’,
And for a gift, if you haven’t got a clue,
Then we’d really love some cash,
So that for our honeymoon we can splash,
Out on an amazing and romantic trip for two!

We can’t wait to spend our wedding day with you,
We’ve been planning hard and spending money for a good year or two.
As we’re keen to start our married life in style,
An amazing honeymoon would really make us smile.
Instead of a gift list from a high street shop,
We’d really love some money so that on a beach we can flop!
Your financial donation would truly mean a lot,
So thank you for contributing to our honeymoon pot!

Your presence without presents
is enough to make our day,
We haven’t made a wedding list
of gifts, in any way,
Should you wish to give us cash,
we surely won’t say no,
So we can buy the things we like
to help create our home.

We are sending out this invitation
and hope you will join our celebration
If to send a gift is your intention
In modesty we would like to mention

We have already got a kettle and a toaster
Crockery, place mats and coasters
So rather than something we have already got
Can we request that you give us money for our saving pot?

Please don’t be offended
By this type of request
Because our day will be complete
Having you as our guest

We hope that gives you either a suitable option or the inspiration to pen your own poem or request. You can also direct people to your own online wish list if you're in the market for specifics! And always remember that many guests will appreciate your guidance when it comes to you prompting people for what you'd really like if they're kind enough to give a gift.

Alternatively - and we’ve seen this from a number of couples - you can forego any gifts or money in favour of donations to your favourite charities. If you need any help in putting together your request (or non-request!) of gifts and money, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.