Wedding Invitations

At Elle Bee we offer a number of different types and styles of wedding invitation, from fully-handmade designs with tactile elements, to modern digitally-printed designs with a range of hand-finished options, including foiling.

No matter the style and design, all of our invitations are designed, printed and made to the same exacting standards with the same level of professional care.

Greenwich - Classic Suite #1.jpg

Classic Invitation Suites

Our flat invitation suites are digitally-printed and hugely customisable.

If you don’t have much to say and just need a single invitation card, or whether you need to add an RSVP, information cards, there’s an option for you in this style. Multiple items in a suite can be bound by vellum jackets and wax seals, belly bands, satin ribbon or twine, making these invitations easy to be configured to suit styles and budgets.

Camden - Pocketfold Suite 1.jpg

Pocketfold Suites

Our digitally-printed designs are all offered in the classical pocketfold format. These are offered with the invitation panel and RSVP card inside by default, with the ability to add an information card or two to the suite.

These pocketfolds can then be finished with a paper belly band, satin ribbon, twine or a wax seal.

Pocketfolds are an elegant and organised option for your day guest invitations.

Burnt Oak - Concertina #1.jpg

Concertina Invitations

Ideally suited to invitations where not as much information is required, or budgets are constrained, concertina wedding invitations are an innovative design.

They fold into four separate sections, with the bottom section being an RSVP postcard for guests to detach to send straight back in the post to you.

These designs can be left unbound, or closed with satin ribbon, twine, or in a beautiful vellum jacket with wax seal.

Aurora - Folded Invitation & Box.jpg

Handmade Invitations

Handmade from the ground up, all handmade designs use layers of the highest-quality cardstock to create heavy, luxurious invitations.

The emphasis is on quality tactile elements - our handmade designs use materials such as glitter paper, pebble paper, hessian, lace, diamante and pearl embellishments and decorative paper. With every single item being made from scratch, each invitation will always be unique having been crafted to the highest possible standards.

Soho - Rose Gold Foiled Invite.jpg

Foiled Invitations

Want to make a lasting impression with your guests? Would you like them to open up your invite to be greeted with a work of art that carries the ultimate WOW factor?

Professionally-foiled wedding invitations do exactly that and make a beautiful first impression.

Able to be provided with our digitally-printed designs in four sparkling foil colours, our foiled invitations catch the light and can be either fully-foiled or combined with digital print for a blended design.