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When to send out Save the Date and Invitations

These details vary from supplier to supplier, directory to directory and country to country. We have compiled a list of when - going by our experience and previous orders - people tend to send out their Save the Dates and Invitations.


Save the Dates

If your wedding falls in a holiday period (so Christmas, summer holidays or any holiday period when children are not at school), then save the dates can be sent out up to 9-12 months in advance.

If opting for a destination wedding 18 months is a good idea because people need time to save for their trip.



Invitations are a little trickier, as a lot of RSVPs depend upon when the venue requires the final numbers, and/or menu choices.

As a rough guide if your wedding falls during school holidays or any other holiday time, then sending them out 6-8 months in advance is a good idea.

If you are lucky enough to be going to somewhere warm and sunny for your wedding them anything up to year is suitable, again giving people enough time to save and book leave etc.

Be sure to be explicit when you require RSVP’s back too and where possible make sure this is adhered to. The last thing you need is for guests to miss the deadline which causes you to chase them for an answer. A polite reminder can sometime be necessary but make sure you get the numbers well in time for when your venue needs them! 


Thank You Cards

After the wedding a lot of couples get the “wedding blues” as all that planning and excitement has now gone and whilst refreshing to not be stressing that Cassandra can’t fit into her Bridesmaid’s dress and you have one more vegetarian that you haven’t accounted for, one thing that tends to be forgotten in the die-down is to thank guests for joining you and their wonderful gifts.

Wedding thank you cards can be sent out anything up to 6 weeks after your wedding, and should be done once you are back from your honeymoon. If your honeymoon isn’t until month after the wedding, and you asked for a gift of money towards it, thank you cards can contain little thank you verses in them and even a personalised note to say when you have booked to go to! This little touch will really help give your guests a sense they were genuinely involved in your day and leaves them with a warm and fuzzy feeling as a result.



The above does represent a general guide; ultimately it’s your wedding, at your location, with your guests – so you’ll know whether your guests will appreciate a longer or shorter run-up to the wedding day. And whilst it’s slightly rare, some couples do book their weddings close to their date for a more informal occasion and timescales will need to be tweaked as a result.