November Lockdown - Elle Bee Update

Here we go again - back into lockdown for another month.

We wanted to highlight what a new lockdown means for us and what we’re continuing to do to help our customers at this time.

Wedding planning is still going ahead and as such consultations are still available. There is no change for us here in that we’ve been operating virtual consults via Zoom since April and will gladly set aside an hour or two to talk through your stationery plans.

If you’re already one of our customers and have been affected by a change of date, we continue to offer:

  • Physical change the date cards at a discounted rate
  • Digital (pdf) change the date notifications for free
  • Discounted reprints of your invitations

And we will continue to offer this guarantee to those placing new orders with us for as long as it’s necessary to do so.

For greetings cards, our range is forever expanding and we offer inside printing with direct-to-recipient delivery, with shipping usually taking place within 24 hours of an order being placed. So if you need a card for someone special and can’t make it to the shops, we’re here for you.

Outside of this – and as many know – we run the business from our home studio so it’s very much business as usual; we use a dropbox for shipping and keep personal contact to a minimum to ensure – touch wood – that we stay COVID-free.

Our hearts go out to all those couples that have had to change their wedding plans – some more than once – plus all of those in the wedding industry that are doing their best to keep going under the most trying of circumstances. This is an exceptionally difficult time for those connected with hospitality.

A big thank-you to all of our customers and suppliers that continue to support us, we’ll be doing all we can to support you all back.

Lau & Ian

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