Terms & Conditions

Sadly, even wedding invitations and stationery are subject to “the legal bit”. We would therefore recommend that you take time to read through the following Terms & Conditions – payment for an order is acceptance of these terms and orders are provided on the basis that a customer has read, understood and accepted them. Elle Bee Design accepts not liability if any of these Terms are not met and/or understood that results in delayed/missing etc. orders

If any of the following require clarification, please contact us by email at hello@ellebeedesign.co.uk, or by using the contact form on our website.

1.  Ordering & Payments
All pricing is shown inclusive of VAT. Elle Bee Design is VAT registered (GB355573281).
Orders are placed using one of two methods; either directly via our website, or through the request of a quote which we can then created to be transacted through the website. Quotes are valid for 30 days and we reserve the right to change pricing at any point, at which stage the website will be updated to reflect changes in costs.
All orders are payable in full and up-front.

Commencement of your order will not begin until your order has been paid for in full. We reserve the right to refuse to use discount codes found externally to our website and will not be applied if deemed invalid for use.
We do not currently offer payment plans or work on a deposit basis.
Orders placed via the website is done so at the clients own risk. Elle Bee takes no responsibility for incorrect items ordered when done so via the website. It is the clients responsibility to ask any questions prior to placing an order to ensure that they are fully informed of their choices before payment. Elle Bee will not, under any circumstance, replace, reprint or refund any order that has been made by the client via the website that turns out to be incorrect. 

2.  Overages
It is important that couples build overages into their requirements to cover for changing circumstances (our suggestion is typically 10%-15%). All orders are fulfilled on a made-to-order basis, where materials are ordered in bulk to ensure that individual orders can be fulfilled.

Where additional quantities are required after the initial requirement is fulfilled, Elle Bee Design will charge at the current minimum order rate.
3.  Minimum Order
Our ranges have a minimum order quantity of 20 for Save the Dates and Invitations. Smaller quantities can be ordered but you will be charged the total cost for 20.

4.  Short Notice Orders
We don't operate a formal rush order service. If requirements are urgent, we would always recommend contacting us before committing to an order and, if your request is for a date that we cannot accommodate, we will not accept the order.
We will not be liable for the missing of customer deadlines if these are not informed to us prior to placing an order.

5.  Cancellations
If your proofing process has not begun and we have not ordered your materials, then we are happy to cancel and refund in full.
If either of the above has taken place then only 50% of the order will be refunded to cover the costs incurred by us for materials, or to cover the cost of our time spent on proofing, admin, emailing and general communication.
If both have taken place to any degree then only 25% of the cost will be refunded to cover materials and proofing time.
In the event that numbers are reduced after an order is placed and materials have been already ordered, a refund is not guaranteed as all materials are ordered and cut to specification on a client by client basis. Therefore any refund is strictly at our discretion based on the percentages above.
In cases of Force Majeure, the above details stand as these are, by law, classified as "reasonable business costs". Material costs need to be covered, and also time spent on proofing, admin, ordering and general contact.

We reserve the right to cancel or refuse an order at any time, for any reason. In these instances, all monies paid to date will be refunded.
All files remain the property of Elle Bee Design in cases of cancellation. No files will be shared or sent after your order has been refunded, and files will be deleted in accordance with GDPR.

6.  Samples
Samples are offered for each of our collections in formats listed on our website. Colour-customised and text-personalised samples are not offered, and Elle Bee Design reserves the right to provide samples in colour schemes and / or materials that are available at that time.
Samples will not be sent as per the listing picture in terms of colours etc if we do not have these in stock.
Samples are provided to asses the quality of the cardstock we use and printing and to obtain a general idea of size and composition of our invitation styles. Your completed order however will be different depending on colours chosen, finishing options selected and collection opted for. We offer the option of a swatch book and we strongly urge clients to order this with their samples. For a detailed list of all finishing options available please refer to our infographics and product pages.
Please note; for wax seals these are hand mixed and hand made, therefore these will often differ from samples due to the manufacturing process.
Colours used on sample product are not to be taken as a guaranteed match for any full order placed. Sample stock can be kept for some time and colours 

7.  Proofing
Before work can being on your order you will be sent a request for your information by email to begin the electronic proofing process; this proofing process includes both content and personlisation. The entire proofing process must be completed via email and must be completed on-time to ensure that the production of your order can be fulfilled to a schedule. Deadline dates will be given if timescales are tight and these must be adhered to; deadlines dates are given to ensure production of your items can be completed in a timely manner. Elle Bee Design takes no responsibility for delays in proofing rounds due to poor organisation and missed deadlines. 

Proofs with mock-up print files are sent by email and we arrange two further rounds of proofs included within the cost of your order. Any subsequent proofs required due to customer requirements are charged at £50 per round, which must be paid before any additional proofs are created and sent.
We ask clients to provide us with the information to create the proofs. As we primarily copy and paste this information it is the customer's responsibility to check spelling, grammar and details of the initial details sent to us, and the proofs created following this. We do not amend any inaccuracies. Furthermore, any information where we have not copied directly is open to human error. Therefore we advise clients not to presume information is always copied accurately, and to check every round of proofs against the original details sent, to ensure accuracy. We expect clients to do this on every round sent. 

It is the customer's responsibility to check all proofs received for errors, layout, spacing, grammar and that all elements (inserts, belly bands etc) are included in every set of proofs we send. Elle Bee Design cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or missing elements once proofs are signed off, even if these elements have been included previously. Clients are responsible for checking ALL their details are included and correct on every round of proofs sent. It is down to the client to read and action any email sent from Elle Bee design in a timely manner, especially when timescales are tight. Due to limited resources, Elle Bee Design will not chase couples for information if emails have not been replied to and take no responsibility if deadlines are missed as a result of clients not actioning emails sent to them.We are a very busy team and continued chasing causes delay in production to other clients and backlog; therefore please read every email carefully and thoroughly to ensure that you are not missing any action points, and action any point appropriately and in a timely manner.

The signing off process takes place via a website link and form; this is a mandatory requirement of the proofing process and no production or printing will commence until this process has been followed. Failure to do so in due time can result in your order not being completed and subsequent monies paid will not be refunded. Elle Bee Design is not responsible if deadlines are missed due to sign off not occurring. Due to limited resources, Elle Bee Design will not chase couples for their sign off as this can delay other clients' order production and create a backlog. It is the responsibility of the client to read and sign off their proofs in a timely manner, and to contact Elle Bee Design if they cannot sign off for any reason. Do not assume that work will begin in this instance; sign off is mandatory and no work will begin until sign off is complete.

We strongly advise clients check their items and report any errors before sending them to guests or displaying them at a venue. You need to check your items and report errors within 24 hours of receipt. If, in unfortunate circumstances your stationery is found to have errors on them once received, please contact us in this instance as we offer discounted reprints for customer approved errors. 

Under no circumstances will Elle Bee Design provide replacements for free if errors are found once proofs have been agreed to and signed-off.

Upon completion of the proofing phase, items are immediately committed to print. It is therefore recommended that proofs are only signed off when details are no longer subject to change. Once printed, proofs cannot be changed and any subsequent changes requiring a reprint will result in an order being payable in full.

If a client wishes to change from one design to another following the issuance of an initial digital draft, this will require a fee of £50, to cover the time taken already.

8. Typography
All designs presented use a standard set of typography. We do not swap fonts out to other designs as this is classified as "Bespoke" work which we do not offer.

All fonts used by Elle Bee Design are due to the ownership of a commercial license to do so. Given this, Elle Bee Design will not send, nor disclose, the details of any fonts used for its designs.

9. Digital Designs
At present Elle Bee Design does not offer designs in a digital form. Whilst digital proofs are sent as part of our standard proofing process, these remain the property of Elle Bee Design and can not be manipulated or changed in any way by clients. Elle Bee Design retains the right to cancel an order in these circumstances, as per Clause 4 (Cancellations).

10. Third Party Content
Elle Bee Design reserves the right to not use any third-party content for which it doesn’t hold the commercial license. This includes, but is not limited to: artwork, typography, graphics and logos.

11. Bespoke Work
Elle Bee Design does not currently work on a bespoke basis and only works on adjusting existing designs through the use of, but not limited to, the following: personalised wording, colouring, layout, use of components, cardstock, envelopes, wax seals, stickers, ribbon, silk, embellishments, addressing and typography.

Bespoke work is defined as being designed from scratch based on client concepts, or any item that is requested to be changed or swapped that is directly linked to the design or the items, finishes and upgrades that we offer

12. Invitation Assembly
All of our designs come with each individual part ready to use. We do not send invitations fully-assembled which includes but is not limited to belly bands, wax seals, vellum jackets, envelope liners. Pocketfolds and handmade envelopes are the exceptions to this. You have the option on every order to request a tape pen to adhere belly bands, liners etc. We strongly recommend this offer is taken up, however you are able to source your own upon receipt of your order if required. If in the event a custom order is made for you, it is the responsibility of the client to request one at the point of quotation; one will not be provided as standard. 
If you have any issues with assembly then please email us. We do not provide assembly instructions as the vast majority of clients do not require them, however these can be provided upon request.  

13. Word & Character Limits
All stationery items have been created using standardised sizing. With this in mind, please be aware that it may not always be possible to include all the information that you want to provide on your item(s). We will inform you if this is the case upon receipt of your information; it is the client's responsibility to then pick the most appropriate information to be kept.

14. Delivery
To protect stationery in transit, all items are very carefully packaged and leave us in excellent condition. In the highly unlikely event that items are damaged in transit, you must report any damaged items to us within 24 hours of receiving your order.
Any damage reported to us after this period will be classified as damaged after arrival (not due to courier) and will not be replaced. Once reported to us, we will send a shipping label to you by email to attach to the box for it to be shipped back to us. The label is valid for 7 days only. Failure to take the damaged order to the courier service within these 7 days will result in this label being null and void and the items will not be collected. In this instance it is the responsibility of the client to then arrange for the items to be sent back at their own expense. Elle Bee Design will not pay for a second consignment if the client fails to return the item to the courier within 7 days.
We also strongly advise that once you are in receipt of your items that you check them thoroughly before assembly/display/posting. Elle Bee Design cannot be held responsible for client approved errors and once items have been received any approved errors need to be reported. Please see section 6.

Dependent upon size and quantities, stationery orders are sent by Royal Mail, or courier. Where applicable a tracking code will be provided.

For digitally-printed table plans and wedding signs only, and where there is a short notice requirement, there may be occasions where orders are sent directly from our printing partners. Delivery timescales will be communicated to you when preparing your initial quotation or preparing your order for shipment.

Once within the delivery network Elle Bee Design is not responsible for delivery timescales. Customers will need to contact the relevant shipping party with their tracking code for further information.

Elle Bee Design is committed to doing its bit for the environment - it is standard practice to re-use delivery boxes obtained from supply orders and use them for client orders.

You will confirm your final delivery address when signing off your proofs. Please note, that due to the delivery method you may be required to sign for your delivery. We cannot take responsibility for any lost items and if an incorrect address is found to be used, no refunds will be issued. Also note, commercial addresses are NOT to be used for shipping addresses due to frequent loss of item. You house address is the only shipping address we will accept. 

Elle Bee Design are not responsible for any damage sustained to invitations during transport to guests.
When ordering from overseas you may be subject to a form of customs or "import tax". This will vary upon country, locality and the value of the goods we send. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they are aware and understand these taxes, and that Elle Bee Design does not collect them on behalf of the client for their country. Taxes are solely the responsibility of the buyer. Elle Bee Design will not amend or fraudulently declare a lesser value of product so these taxes can be avoided. Please take these taxes into consideration when ordering. 

15. Collection
Any orders that wish to be collected must be placed using the "collection" option on checkout. This is a free service and once an "order complete" confirmation is sent via the website it is up to the client to contact us and inform us of a suitable date and time to collect. Please note, collections do not occur on Sunday's or Bank Holidays when we are shut. We are open from 8.30am - 6pm for collections Monday -Friday, and 9am - 12pm Saturdays only. 

16. Discrepancies & Materials
Including, but not limited to: cardstock, ribbon, silk, embellishments, paper, pocketfolds, wax seals and envelopes Elle Bee Design is not a manufacturer of these items and are therefore not responsible for any manufacturing or batch differences between individual components, either for items completed in the past for samples, between items of the same type, or pictured for promotional means. Discrepancies within acceptable margins are to be expected.
Ink colours, including white are subject to variations and in some cases can appear "grainy" in colour. This is down to the type of colour being used, and is not a fault with printing. White ink in particular is designed to be transparent to a degree, and therefore would be subject to this. Also, please be aware that different materials and card stocks will print differently and therefore print quality will appear different on these, for example Vellum and textured cardstock. 
Wax seals in particular are hand mixed so every order will be different. Wax seal colour will be different on samples to those received in a full order due to the length of time between each order and also the variance that can be seen in batches. Batches can vary by 5-10 shades within a colour - this is not a fault with the item, but batch variance. Wax seals are not replaced or re-done if colour discrepancies are noted between samples and full orders. Colour variance needs to be considered by the client. Equally, when using gold leaf in Wax Seals, some finer details of the wax design may not be seen. This again is not a fault with the product and is a normal part of production and imperfection are to be expected. Seal will not be replaced for missing/less visible designs with/without gold foil. 

Promotional images used for any or all the items listed above have been presented as close to the finished and physical item(s) as possible. This includes coloured "accents" on certain designs that use coloured ink. Whilst shown for example purposes;we do not recommend using colour ink for text due to legibility issues this may present with some coloured. Elle Bee is not responsible for poor print on coloured text if this advice has been ignored. 

These items may appear differently in person compared to on-screen and are also subject to discrepancies viewing on different devices at different levels of fidelity and brightness. We provide colour cards with all our samples; we strongly advise clients pick a colour from our colour chart that is included with each sample to ensure the closest possible match. We also withhold the right to amend, change, remove or add materials at any given time without prior consultation, and as a result strongly recommend that clients check with us regarding materials at every order, to make sure wanted materials are available and still used. Elle Bee will not replace, reprint or refund any order where assumption have been made by the client regarding use of materials.

Elle Bee Design cannot be held responsible for any perceived colour discrepancies, any material discrepancy that sits within acceptable margins on any of the basis' listed above, or incorrect ordering of materials where the client has ordered via the website. 

Several products also involve a handmade element, including but not limited to the mounting of cardstock, adhering embellishments, paper, wax seals and stickers, tying of ribbon and assembly of invitations. Given the handmade nature of this process, discrepancies between each item, samples and the item(s) received and what's seen on screen are to be expected.
Envelope printing is performed in-house using a laser printer. Therefore minor creasing and indents will appear on envelopes due to the severe pressure and heat they are exposed to. This is normal and part of the printing process and is not classified as damaged or flawed. Therefore Elle Bee Design will not refund or replace any envelopes where this process is visible.
We reserve the right to use our discretion when it comes to items that are out of stock of which our suppliers are having issues sourcing (for example vellum, envelopes etc). In most cases we will provide a suitable alternate without prior consultation, and by agreeing to our Terms you accept our alternates. Alternate products may differ from those shown for example we will supply 160gsm vellum bands instead of 140gsm if 140gsm is out of stock. For envelopes we may provide either kraft flecked/kraft recycled flecked/kraft ribbed envelopes if any of these are out of stock. All alternates will be of the same classification, but weights and/or appearance may differ. We will not exchange or replace any items that have been ordered where suitable alternates have been provided due to stock issues. 
17. Receipt of Order
Included in your order will be an Order tick sheet. You order will be quality checked and counted through every stage of our process, and checked twice during packaging and shipping. Therefore we do not expect any missing items in an order. If items are considered to be missing we require to be informed within 24 hours of receipt. We expect clients to thoroughly check their order the day they receive it, and no later.  

18. Advertising
We reserve the right to use pictures of your invitations / stationery for advertising and marketing purposes. Any photographs taken of your stationery will be used for promotional means once your order is completed unless a request is received in writing to not do so.

19. Privacy Policy
Elle Bee Design takes the privacy of its clients very seriously; we have a defined privacy policy which can be found on our website here: https://ellebeedesign.co.uk/pages/privacy-policy

20. Copyright
If opting for hymns, poems or readings for an Order of Service, clients are responsible for ensuring that permission is granted to use any material that will be included in your wedding stationery and indemnify Elle Bee Design against any breach of copyright.

Any clients / professional found to be using our designs or found to be copying them will be subject to legal action. Elle Bee Design will not tolerate illegal use / copying of designs and will use all means at our disposal, including the bringing of charges against those who breach copyright law.

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