News from Elle Bee

  • Rainbow Pocket Hug Cards

    So we have launched our own cute Pocket Hug Cards today, and they are now available on our website for you to buy!  Two of these can be personalised with a name and of course we can print inside/on the back for you and send directly to the recipient as well! View Post
  • Envelope Stickers now available!

    Ian and I have had an influx of clients requesting stickers to seal their Save the Date, Invitations or Thank You Card envelopes. So we thought we would offer them as a stand alone product that you can purchase! They are also great for decorating favour candle jars, shot bottle or thank you tags!... View Post
  • Father's Day Card are now live - Buy yours today!

    Our Father's Day Cards are now up and live on our site! You can purchase them using the below link! We have 6 designs to choose from, some cute, some funny, some from the Cat or Dog...and of course they come with the option for us to... View Post
  • Zodiac Birthday Cards

    Our Zodiac birthday cards are new for 2020, and feature a very modern depiction of each star sign. Created to be unique with a twist, these cards are great if you want to get some truly personal to the recipient.  They can be found here:   L... View Post
  • Anniversary Cards

    Personalised Anniversary cards can be hard to find, especially when these things can creep up on you a little bit! With our Anniversary cards, not only can you personalised them, but also ask us to print them inside and send them directly to the recipient, saving time and stress. We cover all ann... View Post
  • Bridesmaid & Maid of Honour Cards

    Personalised and funny Bridesmaids cards have always been part of the wedding journey for any bride. Some like to ask their friends in a cute way, other's enjoy a comical way of asking; in reality there is no right or wrong way to ask! So - we made a few cheeky and a few cute cards to mark this o... View Post