What sample options are available?
All of our designs are available with save the date and invitation sample options.

What will we receive in our sample pack?
Samples are printed on Pristine White cardstock and come assembled with accessories in colours we have in stock at the time of your sample order. You also have the option of adding colour swatches and additional generic sample options.

Can samples be personalised?
In order to keep pricing low and to make sure samples are sent quickly, all samples are sent on a non-personalised basis.




How do I place an order?
The best way to place an order is to use our website. For all types of items you’ll find each of our designs and, on each product page, you’ll be able to choose all of the items and options on a step-by-step basis. As you make selections the pricing will be updated below, allowing you to clearly see cost ahead of time.

When you’re ready, add to cart and complete payment, and we’ll get straight to work by ordering your materials and requesting your wording and details so that proofing can begin.

If you have custom requirements that aren’t catered for (for example a religious ceremony with different quantities of each part of the invitation), then contact us to arrange a custom order. Payment can then be made in the same way after we’ve created the order for you.

Is there a minimum order?
Yes. All items are shown with their respective minimums on our website; as an example, invitations are typically at a minimum of 20. 

Can I order more after if required?
You can but our minimum order threshold(s) will apply if your materials have already been ordered.

We strongly recommend ordering more invitations than you need to ensure you’re covered for spares; around 10%-15% or an additional 10, whichever is greater.

How do I pay?
All payments are made via the payment gateway on our website. We don’t have a deposit or pay-later system.

Are envelopes included?
Yes. All orders for relevant items (save the dates, invitations and thank you cards) come with diamond-flap white envelopes on a complimentary basis. Coloured envelopes – with a straight flap – are able to be ordered as an upgrade.

Do you offer evening-only invitations?
Yes, all of our designs have matching evening-only invitations. These have less options as there’s typically less information required for these guests. You can order these either with your all-day invitations, or afterwards, in a separate order.

Can I order invitations and day stationery together?
You can do but we typically wouldn’t recommend ordering multiple items that can’t be shipped together. So for example, we can provide save the dates and invitations at the same time, or invitations and elements of day stationery at the same time. If ordering day stationery with other items, we’d recommend items that aren’t hugely dependent upon guest attendance (for example a welcome sign, table numbers, thank you cards, guest book, etc). But we’d recommend place cards and menus be kept separate.

There’s also no need to book us in advance or pay any deposit, so you won’t need to worry about our availability for your on-the-day stationery.


Personalisation and Design Changes


Can you include our QR code?
Yes. We don’t currently create these for customers but we can include a QR code you’ve already created. One word of warning; some QR code providers charge for continued use – make sure you check the provider for whether you have to pay.

What is included in the proofing process?
Proofing is the process where we use your information and wording with your chosen design and create this for you to review; all proofing is completed electronically. Our designs are not templated so your invitations / stationery will always be completed from the ground-up to ensure the design has been created with your details in mind.

We request your details within 24-48 hours of your order being placed. When in receipt we prepare a first draft and send this in PDF format to you within 5 business days.

There are two subsequent revision rounds to tidy up any errors or small adjustments, and we allocate up to 3 business days for each of these rounds.

It’s extremely rare that more than 3 rounds are required (the average is typically 2). However if additional proofing rounds beyond the allocated 3 are required, each additional round is chargeable, at £50 per round.

Do you provide any guidance for how to word my invitations and stationery?
Yes. Whilst some couples have written their wording before placing an order, it’s possible that you may need a little extra help.

Here are a couple of guides that might help you get started:

Wording and etiquette
What information to include with invitations

We’re always available for guidance or support if you need a bit more help on how to word aspects of your invitations, as we know that no two weddings are the same!

Will I receive a physical proof?
No. All proofing is entirely digital.

Can I change the wording?
Absolutely! All wording is entirely customisable, from wording of the invitation to information cards, RSVP cards, and so on. Our mantra is very much if the wording you want to include will fit, then we’ll be able to include it for you.

Can I change the font?
Fonts have been carefully selected to be paired together and as such, we don’t recommend changing fonts.

If fonts are changed then this would be chargeable as part of our bespoke service, which is £50.

Can I change the design midway through proofing?
You can do this, however it does carry a charge of £50 as proofing will have to restart. Dependent upon the design change we may also have to order additional materials, which would also come with additional costs. Any changes to font, design, layout etc will also require additional proofing time to change, so therefore any changes made mid-proofing for these types of changes will result in proofing for these changes being extended to 5 working days, regardless of whether this is your first or last proofing round. 

Do you print invitations in languages other than English?
Yes! We can provide your order either wholly in a non-English language, or with a variation where different quantities are in English and in a non-English language.

The vast majority of our designs use fonts that support a variety of non-English alphabets, however this does differ from design to design. Please check with us in advance to make sure we can provide your chosen design in your chosen language.

I need to offer guests a menu choice, can this be included with my invitations?
Absolutely. How this is incorporated will depend on how you want RSVPs to come back to you (physically or digitally). If opting for a physical RSVP card to be returned, we’d recommend the fully-worded menu to be on a large information card, with the RSVP card to be double-sided to allow space for guests to tick their menu options before returning.

Do you print guests’ names and addresses? How do I send these to you?
We do. You have the option of selecting guest name printing and envelope addressing. With guest name printing this will usually be on the main invitation, although this can be added to accessories like belly bands and tags for our shaped suites.

If you order personalisation we’ll send you a template to complete with guest details so that we have everything on-file for the production part of your order.

Do you offer fully-bespoke options?
We do. The definition of “bespoke” does differ from person to person and, for our designs, we refer to them as semi-custom as they’re already so flexible.

A bespoke order will either be the introduction of third party elements to combine with our designs (such as a venue illustration or logo), or a ground-up approach for the entire design. The former costs around £30, whereas the latter is likely nearer £300, both on top of the cost of your stationery items.

Please note that we’re not artists ourselves but do work with recommended artists and illustrators on a referral basis, whose work we trust to work with our printing equipment.

If you feel like a requirement you have is of a bespoke nature then please contact us to discuss.

Can I include a variation of information with my invitations?
Yes. When ordering your invitations you’ll notice that the last option is whether to include a variation in your invitation total. A common example would be if you’re offering on-site accommodation to closest family, whilst sharing a list of local accommodation options to others. Select this variation and we’ll be sure to proof both versions with you.

Can you print my design for me?
No; we only work with our own designs.

I have my own logo or venue artwork, can this be included?
Yes. There is a cost to do this (£30) and we will have to vet your artwork to ensure it’s of a high quality, that it’s compatible with both our design software and printers, whilst confirming you have the license to enable it’s use. We can then combine this artwork with one of our existing designs; we’ll provide guidance and advice on how to integrate your artwork.


Production and Shipping


When will I receive my order?
The completion of an order is split into two parts; proofing and production. For the latter, we allocate up to a maximum of 2 weeks for a digitally-printed order to be completed (digital printing covers the vast majority of our “standard” items).

It is often quicker than this but the speed of completion will be affected by the size of your order, it’s complexity, additional personalisation and the number of handmade components (pocketfolds, wax seals, coloured envelopes). 

Production of hot foiled and acrylic work is longer to account for the additional manual labour involved; the maximum will be 3 weeks for these items.

In terms of proofing, this is a process with a variable length as we can’t control how long information takes to be sent to us both initially, and for revision rounds. But we will always stick to our timescales of sending a first draft back within 5 business days of receipt, and subsequent rounds within 3 business days of receipt.

Do you offer a rush order service?
Yes. We take on one rush order at any one time. This is charged at 50% of the order value which will be added to your order manually.

A rush order upgrades the following aspects:

  • We order your materials as soon as we receive your order, rather than on our usual weekly cycle.
  • Proofing time is reduced to within 24 hours of receipt, rather than 5 business days for the 1st round, and 3 business days for the two revision rounds.
  • Production is reduced from a maximum of 2 weeks to 1 week

Please contact us in advance to discuss.

Are invitations and stationery assembled for me?
There are elements that we do assemble and elements that are left for customers to assemble. For example, we make pocketfolds and mount invitations inside, all coloured envelopes are handmade and wax seals are made by hand but provided with a self-adhesive backing ready for use.

Vellum jackets, ribbon / twine, belly bands and envelope liners will require assembly. For belly bands, envelope liners and coloured envelopes – where no wax seals or stickers have been ordered – you’ll have the option of ordering a self-adhesive tape pen from us. Or, if preferred, you can order your own – we just recommend not using wet glue to adhere any items.

What shipping options are there?
For the majority of orders these are sent using a tracked courier service.

Do you ship to other countries?
No – at present we only ship our work in the UK.

Can I collect my order?
Yes – when you’re ordering you’ll have the option of collecting from our studio, which is based between Worcester and Redditch. When your order is completed we’ll email you to coordinate a time / day to collect, which will be during our standard business hours.

Do I need to do anything when I receive my order?
Yes. Please check the contents of your order to make sure this corresponds with what you’ve ordered (the summary will be included in your initial proofing request email).

Whilst proofing is there to catch and amend errors, we’d also recommend checking for any errors upon receipt to make sure they’re not sent to guests with mistakes. If there are any issues please raise this with us immediately. Whilst customer-approved errors will be subject to reprinting charges, this is a much better situation than sending something incorrect to your guests.

I need to cancel my order, can I do that?
If we’ve not yet ordered your materials or sent a round of proofs then we will cancel your order without penalty.

If proofing has started and / or materials have been ordered, then only a percentage of your order will be refunded. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.


Contacting Us


How can we get in touch with you?

You can contact us via our contact page, live chat with us, email on hello@ellebeedesign.co.uk or you can call us on 07547 113 683.


What are your opening times?

We are typically available 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday and don’t work on Bank Holidays. We would also recommend checking our Opening Times page as this will cover periods where the studio will be closed for a break.