As a paper-based company we are conscious of our environmental impact and employ a number of initiatives to ensure this impact is as small as possible.


Cardstock and Paper

We have carefully hand-picked our cardstock and paper supplies based not only on their colour and quality but on their sustainability. All of our cardstock and paper comes from FSC sources, which ensures that all pieces are from managed sustainable forests. Some of our colours are even 100% recycled. We're also happy to say that we've chosen biodegradable foils for our hot foiling work, too.


Packaging & Recycling

All of our packaging is able to be recycled, with no single-use plastics used. To further lessen the impact we often re-use packaging we receive from suppliers. All excess cardstock and paper is retained for samples and / or recycled on-site.


Our Studio

In early 2023 we moved out of our home-based studio to Stockwood Business Park, located just outside the village of Inkberrow.

When we moved we wanted to expand the business but find a home that fit our sustainability goals, so Stockwood was the perfect home for us.

The business park is located on a working farm with ecology and the environment at it’s heart, certified organic and run on biodynamic principles. The whole park uses innovative ground heating allowing up to 80% of it’s demand to be taken from nature – only electrical power is needed to drive the heat pumps and some of that is generated from solar energy.

You can read more about Stockwood at the Community Trust website, here:

If you have any questions about our sustainability goals then please get in touch with us.