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Elle Bee was created in 2013 and run by us, Laura and Ian, a wife-and-husband team of two from our rural Worcestershire studio.

In an increasingly digital and disposable world, we’re passionate about creating wedding stationery that tells a personal, memorable story in a contemporary way.



Whilst varied, our design ethos centres around refined, clean design with an emphasis on high-class typography. We’re font snobs and proud!

Our goal with design is to provide an extensive choice of house designs which can be accessorised and tailored to make every piece unique. For those looking for something extra special, we love to take on bespoke projects for clients.



With over 10 years of experience, we have continually refined and updated the materials we use, so only partner with the very best in paper makers and other suppliers to ensure we’re only ever providing impeccable, tactile materials.



It’s important to us that from concept to delivery we’re doing as much of the work ourselves so we can quality check every step of the process; so whether it’s design proofing, printing, foiling, or wax seals, every piece will have been created by us. This means less reliance on third parties which reduces pricing and wait times for customers.

We also believe in a friendly, responsive service to create a stress-free experience for all couples, no matter their requirements.


A bit about us…


Laura – The Maker

Laura started the business back in 2013 as a way to rekindle her love of all things handmade, something she had left behind years prior. Starting with cardmaking, this quickly escalated into a fully-fledged business with wedding stationery at the centre.

Laura ran Elle Bee in her spare time until committing full-time in 2019. Over the years Laura has continued to work at her craft, including how to traditionally hot foil, make wax seals from scratch, and she takes on the supervision of our acrylic and die-cutting work.

In short, there isn’t an order that leaves Elle Bee HQ without Laura’s supervision or handmade work.

Hometown: Bournemouth
Tipple: Cotswolds Cream
Film: Memoirs of a Geisha
Holiday: Koh Samui
Food: Thai
Tea: Milky, no sugar



Ian – The Designer

Ian helped run the business in his spare time for many years until properly joining full-time in 2022. Ian runs a lot of things behind the scenes to keep the business ticking over; the website, bookkeeping, boring admin, stock management, that kind of thing!

But despite spending over 10 years in Business Development, in that period he’s uncovered a passion for design, so many of the wedding stationery designs you see today will have been digitally created by him. Unlike Laura, Ian doesn’t go hands-on with production and sticks to the digital realm – it’s best for all customers that way, quite honestly.

Hometown: London (East London if he's feeling particularly picky)
Tipple: Flat White
Film: Se7en
Holiday: Cancun
Food: BBQ
Tea: Builders

Laura and Ian live cosily with their terrible twosome; cat (Jackson) and rabbit (Teddy) in Worcester.


The supporting cast…


HQ – The Home

Up until early 2023 the business was run out of a small home-based studio in Worcester. But we realised that the business needed to put it’s big-boy pants on and go out into the world in a bigger and better space.

So we upped sticks and moved the business into a converted barn on Stockwood Business Park; a working farm just outside leafy Inkberrow in Worcestershire.

It’s a great space for us which has enabled us to expand, whilst having a lovely place for couples to come and visit for consultations. Being surrounded by animals and beautiful countryside is a massive bonus!


Vinny – The Cutter

This beast is our digital die-cutter which takes care of cutting and scoring all of our shaped items, from arched invitations and save the dates to favour tags and pocketfolds. Vinny was squeezed into our new studio in May 2023. And don’t be fooled to thinking he is of the same ilk as some of the hobby digital cutters – Vinnie is nearly 2 metres long and weighs a whopping 375kg!



Larry – The Laser

Our laser engraver and cutter, Larry takes care of all our acrylic needs. Larry was installed in March 2023.



Bertha, Betty and Goose – The Workhorses

Bertha, Betty and Goose are our digital printers. Bertha came first in 2019 and is our backup printer. Betty and Goose are near-identical, with Betty having the benefit of printing in unique white ink. These printers get through a serious amount of work.



Florence – The Shiner

A small, traditional platen press, Florence – or Flo for short – is who we turn to for our traditional hot foiling. Operated exclusively and expertly by Laura, we have plates engraved in magnesium or brass, add the plate to Flo, heat to 100C, and manually press each piece by hand.