Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Here at Elle Bee, we believe that every couple deserves stationery that is as unique and special as their story. That's why we are thrilled to offer bespoke options for our wedding invitations and stationery, in addition to our existing customisable house designs.

What does "bespoke" mean, you may ask? It means that we create custom designs that are tailored specifically to your vision and style. With our bespoke options, you have the opportunity to bring your dream wedding stationery to life.

Included with our house designs

But the definition of "bespoke" differs for different people and there are customisable elements already included with our house designs. For example, all of the following aspects we would deem as being a standard customisable part of our existing stationery options. It's not an exhaustive list but these would be the main areas:

  • Wording - whether it's save the dates, invitations or stationery, wording is completely adjustable to suit what you'd like to say, and how you want to say it. In the case of invitations, whilst we've presented suites with inserts that have certain headings, this too is completely changeable.
  • Layout & Formatting - our designs have been aligned in a certain way as a stylistic choice. However you might prefer a right-aligned design to be centre-aligned; again this is included as standard. Additionally a design presented with first names only, or with a formal wording for the wedding date, can be adjusted for full names or simpler date format.
  • Additional Wording - this can include elements such as a website address at the bottom of a save the date, a hashtag on a welcome sign for guests to tag photos from a reception, and so on.
  • Variations - with invitations it can be the case that you may want to include details of on-site accommodation provided to some guests, with options in the local area for other guests. This kind of variation is included as an option when you order.
  • Language - providing stationery in an alternative language to English is a standard option available when ordering.
  • Table Names - both for cards for the tables and the table plan itself, table numbers can be replaced with your own custom names.
  • Table Plan Layouts - no two table layout is the same, so we'll always create your table plan to suit, as standard. This could be banquet-style, without a top table, and so on.


Bespoke Options

Generally-speaking working on a bespoke basis means creating something that is unique and doesn't currently exist in our portfolio.

Pricing for bespoke options is available on request, and dependent upon the amount of work involved but you can estimate to add anywhere between £50-£300 for bespoke work. Here are just some examples of what we'd consider as bespoke options:

  • Typography - if you like a design of ours and want to adjust typography, then we will present a font library to you so you can pick the fonts that best suit your style.
  • Custom styles, shapes, sizes and wallets - with our digital die-cutter and white ink printer, we have a huge amount of versatility to create different shapes and sizes of items.
  • Use of your own artwork elements - for example a logo / monogram, venue sketch, map or religious / cultural symbols that you already have and want to use on your stationery.
  • Commission us for artwork design - whilst we're not artists ourselves we do work with them, so if you wanted a crest, monogram, venue or map created as part of your stationery, then we can provide this to you.
  • Custom colours - we currently partner with a number of luxury paper suppliers and have picked 30+ house colours. But if you have a custom colour requirement, we can work with our suppliers to see if there's a closer match within their portfolio for you.
  • Alternative events and corporate - with our existing house designs as a starting point, we can tailor items to suit other events such as bridal showers, christenings, birthdays, funerals and corporate events, too.

Options not available

Importantly there are some aspects which we won't cover, either with our customisable house designs, or bespoke options:

  • Intellectual property - the intellectual property of brands is hugely important to us and often overlooked. We won't, therefore, create work based upon Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, et al, as this will be subject to trademark and copyright law.
  • Another creator's work - similarly, we treat other creators how we wish to be treated ourselves. Therefore we will never copy the work of another. You are welcome to send us inspiration but this will only ever be a launch-off point for putting our own spin on something.
  • Printing your own work - we are primarily a design studio and have end-to-end control of creating work that we know will be suitable for our printers and machinery. If you have designed something yourself then you will be needing a printing company.
  • E-invites - we are firm believers in the personal touch of physical stationery and the skill(s) required to create it. Given this, we provide our work on a physical basis only.

Next Steps

If you want to work with us on a bespoke basis then please fill in the form below with information about your requirements.

We will then come back to you and, typically, this will include the arrangement of a consultation booking, either via Zoom or face-to-face at our Worcestershire studio to discuss.

In the interim if you have any questions at all then please don't hesitate to contact us.