• Vintage Monogram Welcome Sign - Paddington Collection, Elle Bee Design
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  • Paddington - Wedding Welcome Sign

Paddington - Wedding Welcome Sign

  • £50.00

This wedding welcome sign comes from our Paddington collection; a design that blends old and new with a streamlined layout and vintage, almost medieval typeface. A single initial is used to denote the newly-joined surname of the happy couple but can easily be replaced with first name initials if preferred.

Our welcome signs are printed on a 5mm foamex base, making them robust but lightweight and easy to store. You can choose from A2 or A1 sizing and also have the option of a table plan or order of the day on the reverse.

When you place an order for a seating plan we'll be in touch within 24 hours to get your details so we can kick off our proofing process.

Orders are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis – our goal will be to ship day stationery, including welcome signs, within two weeks of receiving approval but this can vary based on how many separate stationery items you need.

Orders can be placed by configuring your requirements below, however if you’d prefer for us to do this for you, contact us today so we can build a quote for you, or request a consultation if you want to go through your day stationery requirements in person.