Deliveries and Postal Services - Delays are to be expected

We are getting reports that samples and alike are not updating on the tracking system with Royal Mail, and orders are being delayed. 

We have investigated this and according to reports out yesterday, sadly our wee postal service has taken a bit of a hit with regards to sickness and self isolation. A lot of Royal Mail and Courier workers alike are now facing self isolation, as well as new stringent rules with handling mail. As a results, services WILL be disrupted, delayed and tracking may not be updated. 

With many countries now on lock-down and a lot of people having to self isolate, as well as limited flights and transport entering and leaving both the UK and other countries all we can do is apologies for any delay but ask all our clients; please be patient. It has been reported that mail items are suffering a week or more of delays, and those being sent outside of the UK even longer. 

Whilst we can assure our clients that items leave us when we state they do, please be aware that at this current time once an item has left us, lengthened delivery times will need to be considered.

If you are concerned that an order is lost, please see this article by Royal Mail as to when any delivery is considered lost by them as these are the guidelines we also go by.

Can we thank all our couples for their continued support and understanding. 

Laura & Ian

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