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  • Finchley - Wedding Order of Service

Finchley - Wedding Order of Service

Our Finchley design has a cute and simple style, shown here with this order of service booklet.

We have multiple options for an order of service, enabling us to match the style of your stationery in a number of formats, whether you're having an informal or traditional wedding day.

At the simpler end, we provide a double-sided single 5" x 7" card which would typically cover a simple rundown and summary of the bridal party. This can also be provided in an A5 greetings card-style booklet with 4 sides.

However for religious ceremonies we typically recommend either an 8-sided or 12-sided booklet, dependent upon the amount of content.

If you're unsure about what you need then feel free to check with us; however for the A5 booklets you can achieve up to roughly 400 words per page.

  • £1.40