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We offer a number of different types and styles of wedding invitation and it's often that you'll need to hold our invitations in your hands and see them up close to appreciate the quality and composition. If you're looking for certain invitation types, you can use the filter to select only the style that you like.

Each of our collections is available in a non-customisable sample format which include free UK shipping, with the options of swatches for elements like cardstock, envelopes and so on. We intend to ship samples within 2-3 days.

If you are ordering multiple samples then you only need to need to include swatches like cardstock, envelopes and liners with one of your samples. But don't worry, if you include an extra one by mistake we'll send you a refund!

For more information about our products, processes and options please visit our FAQ's page, or alternatively visit our Terms and Conditions.

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